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Travel Photography Tips & Tips for Traveling in India

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Ohad Amidor, a world traveler  from Israel captured these stunning pictures from India.

India Pictures

Pictures kindly provided by Ohad Amidor

Here are some tips from him for taking travel photos:

  • Buying a right camera that has full manual options is crucial for taking nice pictures so that you can change the setting and make your picture appear more interesting.
  • Understand the camera, take many pictures with different apertures and settings so you can see the difference in the depth of field(the blurred background or a full focus frame)
  • When you see beautiful nature, try to look for lines that will cross the frame from a corner to corner, it will allow the eye to follow the line and the picture will look less flat.
  • When taking portraits, try to fill the frame with the face of the person, and take the picture with low aperture so the background will be blur
  • When taking pictures of children, try to try the camera at the children’s eye level and not above
  • When taking pictures of moving object, try to take the shutter speed for 1/100 or above and follow the object, it will make the background blur and show the movement.
  •  In the same way you can make the camera still and the object will look blurred and d reveal his movement.
  • When taking pictures of object put them in the 1/3 of the picture(to the right or left) . Placing the object in the center makes the picture look dull.
  • You can always focus on an object by half pressing the button and then put it on the 1/3 of the picture before you press the button fully to finish taking the picture.
  • When you have a beautiful picture, try always to zoom a bit in or out to see what you can add or cut to the object you choose
  • Enjoy and take beautiful pictures.

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