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Top 10 Architectures in Hong Kong

In Destination Guide on 2011/04/14 at 6:46 am

Don’t you just hate the news that keeps on reporting who are the top ten richest people on the earth or in your city when you’re just not one of them yet? For a change, Concorde Travel brings you the top 10 of one of the things that we appreciate most in our travel, which is architectures! Since we’re located here in Hong Kong, office in Central, why don’t we start here by introducing you to ten famous buildings in this city so you can get a healthy dose of what it is truly like when East meets West.

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We thank Architecture Designer from Hong Kong, Mr. Platteen Tsang,  who has kindly provided this list and the detailed descriptions.


Hong Kong Architectures

  • Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Headquarter (Central)

It is a reflection of advanced building technology. Inspired by structure of suspension bridges, Lord Norman Foster had cleverly designed this masterpiece so to create some popular and comfortable spaces for the users and the public. The building itself also becomes the icon of Hong Kong and the notes.

  • Bank of China (Central)

Bank of China is also an icon of Hong Kong. Mr. I.M. Pei cleverly used geometric shape to form the envelope of the building and overcame the great challenge of a square-shape floor plan. The building is, in fact, a fusion of ‘feng shui’ and ‘high-tech’ – the building is a mimic of bamboo giving the meaning of gradual growth (節節上升).

bank of china

Bank of China

  • Headquarter’s Block of Central Police station (Central)

Over 100 years old, this piece of architecture is among the very few masterpieces that can help the modern people understand how our ancestors mimicked classical style. The proportion of this building effectively gives people a grand first impression. It is old but its vigor has not been lost.

  • Jardine House (Central)

Not many people realize the extent of creativity that Mr. James Kinoshita injected to this building. Structural openings of the windows are literally circular. Such detail strengthened the envelope of the building, and increased the speed of construction back then. Other magnificent details include: no-podium design for a high rise building, and part pitched roof.

  • Hong Kong Space Museum (Tsim Sha Tsui)

This is one of the best demonstrations of ‘simple form’ – a hemisphere. Consequently, the construction and interior layout are relatively complicated. However, the architect had successfully created a significant image at the harbour-side of Hong Kong. Over 90% of foreign visitors took a photo of this building when they made their trip to Hong Kong.

  • Hong Kong International Airport (Chek Lap Kok)

From the sky, you can see the airport is designed to form the shape of a plane. Inside the airport, the simplicity of roof-column relationship creates comfortable spaces for the users. As a place most people only stay for a short while, Hong Kong International Airport is one of the most memorable among visitors, the reason is the relaxing atmosphere made possible by a massive amount of natural light.

  • Breakthrough Youth Village Camp Site (Shatin)

The camp site is colourful and full of various texture and materials. In between buildings, the architect had created a lot of exciting interlocking spaces, semi interior spaces, covered spaces, etc, all these spaces encourage the users to explore. After staying there for several days, one could become more positive and energetic, and should feel more capable to overcome obstacles of life.

  • Cho Yiu Chuen (Lai King)

The design of Cho Yiu Chuen had integrated well with the natural environment of its location. Residents there could view the sea, and enjoy natural ventilation created by the hill at the back of the estate; therefore, spaces in Cho Yiu Chuen could remain cool even in the Summer. This beautiful estate could be viewed from far side when you travel on road from Kowloon to Tsuen Wan or the west part of New Territories.

  • Clague Garden (Tsuen Wan)

This residential estate is a creative demonstration of a special layout of flats – flats cluster at four corners surrounding a relatively large lightwell in the middle. In between the three buildings, gardens, footpaths and other community facilities were added to enhance the life of residents. I believe very little residential developments nowadays could match the creativity and the extent of care to the people as found in Clague Garden.

  • Peninsula Hotel (Tsim Sha Tsui)

This is a classic, high-brand architecture, simply beautiful. The building had experienced several large scale extensions, however, the details and decorations from its early days remain. The proportion between windows on the stone façades makes a beautiful, visually impressive picture.

We hope you enjoy this post and spend your holiday in Hong Kong to enjoy our cultures, food and amazing outdoor and architectures. Do remember to contact Concorde Travel for tour arrangements in Hong Kong and mainland China!

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