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Fed Up With Cityscapes? We Feed You Island Eye Candies! Fiji Calling

In Destination Guide on 2011/04/14 at 1:35 am

Do you know that our company’s website got a whole new section only for Fiji? Our company’s director Graham LOVES Fiji so much so I invited him to share with you a Top 10 must-do’s while in Fiji, and guess what? He’s so enthusiastic he came up with 21! The following pictures were taken by Graham during his research trip to Fiji. More pictures to be seen here.

1. Stand on your head in the warm crystal clear waters of Fiji.

A quick demonstration

2. Go parasailing over white sandy beaches.

Fiji beach

Fiji beach

3. Buy some Fijian Tapa cloth to decorate when you arrive back home.

Fiji Tapa Cloth

Fiji Tapa Cloth

4. Swing in a hammock knowing that you don’t have a care in the world.

5. Sit on the beach at sunset with your favorite drink in hand and watch the sun go down in paradise.

Fijian Sunset

Fijian Sunset

6. Go beach combing for priceless gifts from the sea.

7. Watch water sculpture as the receding waves wash over your favourite stone.

8. Pretend you are Robinson Crusoe on one of Fiji’s enchanted islands. There is an island to suit all budgets.

9. Consider honeymooning on a romantic South Pacific island. There are some that are just for two!

10. Enjoy an exciting flight in one of Fiji’s remarkable and very casual inter-island aircraft.

11. Find an exotic flower for your hair.

Fiji flora

Fiji flora

12. Join a real South Seas island exploration for a week on board the adventure ship Tui Tai.

13. See the most beautiful children in the world.

Fiji Children

Fiji Children

14. Dance with the locals.

15. Go fire-walking. Really!

16. Get a local hair style while you are on holiday.

17. Try some exotic Fijian dishes.

18. Stand with one foot in today and the other in yesterday where the International Date Line crosses a Fijian island.

19. Go shopping at the first shop to open in the world each day.

20. Have a fish hook removed from your finger or don’t go fishing.

21. Get yourself a genuine South Sea Islands tattoo.

Graham said,

‘since the 1960’s I have been visiting the beautiful South Pacific islands of Fiji. Recollections of towering coconut palms, white sand beaches and turquoise waters predominate but really it’s the people, the wonderful Fijians, I remember most‘.

Fiji Kid

So, Wuzzup?

fiji fisherman

Not Much, Just Chilling 🙂

What are the other things you’d like to hear about Fiji? From now on, readers can leave a comment and tell us what you’d like to read in our contents and we’ll write about it. Tell us your dream destinations!

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