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Join Us for 2011 Qingdao International Beer Festival

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Qingdao is regarded as one of the most beautiful, clean  and relaxing places in China. Literally translated as  ‘Green Island’, the city possesses a long and beautiful shoreline where summer brides and happy grooms are photographed, making the place picturesque and romantic. Do you love drinking beer and enjoy going to festival? The Tsingtao Brewing Company, originally founded by four German settlers in 1903, remains and keeps a thriving drinking culture in Qingdao.

This summer, Concorde has prepared a weekend get-away trip in August (13-15 Aug) so you can drink as much Tsingtao Beer as you like. For your information, other brands are also available in the beer festival. 😉 Besides, there will be good chances to experience Chinese culture, watch entertainment shows and taste a wide variety of tasty food.

We guarantee a nice 4-star hotel stay, entry to the beer festival, a good tour to the local brewery and a free beer mug. Not only that, when you’re sober, we’ll take you to the most famous tourist spots and get you a dumpling making crash course. Not enough? How about we’ll also send you to the famous beach for you to chill and get a tan before heading home?

The Green Island

The Green Island

SEND US A MESSAGE for enquiry and get the Full Itinerary by right click and save.

Visit to the Brewery

Visit to the Brewery

Qingdao in a Bag

Qingdao in a Bag

Qingdao Beer!

Qingdao Beer!

Take My Horse! Mongolia Trekking Tour, Tour of A Lifetime

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Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing  Leo Murray who’s going to lead his 12th Mongolia Trekking Tour this summer July 20th- Aug 5. Leo is a true experienced global traveler and among other things, he can easily draw a map and show you three different routes that he’s taken cycling around the United States. The energetic man, a former editor of the Reader’s Digest, has just come back from Nepal and will spend a month in Italy before Mongolia. ‘Mongolia,’ he said, ‘to me means vast open space and the horse riding culture. It’s an amazing country.’

‘The Mongolians use their horses to herd their sheep and they drink the horses’ milk. Horses are the most valuable thing to them besides their yurts, their wife might only come third!’

According to Leo, not only are the Mongolians good singers, they also possess the heart of gold. ‘They never ask for anything, we travelers come bearing gifts not because anyone ever asked for any gifts, but because the Mongolians are so kind that the instant you walk into their yurt, they provide you with everything they could. ‘ In other words, you’re merely exchanging gifts with some very welcoming hosts.

Among all the things Mongolians give out of hospitality, there was once an offer of a horse. Leo accounted a story that on a trip to Mongolia, upon departure, one of the horsemen who had been with him throughout the journey wished to give his horse away to Leo. Although he was touched (and very well traveled), Leo found it a challenge to ride a horse back home to America. Leo asked the horseman to keep his horse for him. The horseman said(guess what!), ‘ I will keep the horse for you, but besides you, no one will be allowed to sit on this horseback again. ‘ Imagine a friend said that to you under the starry skies in Mongolia!

Besides that they are great singers, Mongolians are well known great sportsmen too. The Naadam Festival, in which there are archery, horse racing and wrestling races, is held every year July 11-13. Worried you might miss it? Don’t fret, Leo said across Mongolia, there is Naadam everywhere held on various dates and very often, private sponsorships are enough to bring a local Naadam to life. If you join this trekking tour, you might as well find local Mongolians to wrestle you to the ground, if you’re eager for it! 🙂

I asked Leo what are the customs that travelers should beware of in Mongolia. He said no rubbish thrown in fire. Why? “Because Mongolians consider fire as sacred. Travelers can bury their rubbish instead.’

To experience such an exotic horse riding culture, and know a bunch of new friends, breathe in some fresh air in Mongolian mountains and pitch your tent next to yurts and be neighbors with authentic Mongolians–join this summer tour! Experience of a Lifetime.

Mongolia, Every Nomad's Dream

Mongolia, Every Nomad's Dream

Send an email to us and you’ll be able to get a collection of photos provided in the courtesy of Leo Murray, taken from his trips in Mongolia. You’ll also be able to obtain the itinerary, accommodation details and the costing. Act now!

Can You Sleep on The Great Wall in China?

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Concorde Travel arranges a two nights tour that allows you to sleep on the Great Wall. No need to wonder no more what to do with a few days of holiday, realize your dream this summer! Here’s the itinerary:

“Clearly, the most memorable part of my multi-country adventure was sleeping for two nights on the Great Wall. Your people were outstanding. Transport, accommodation, meals and your guide all exceeded expectations. In my opinion, it’s one of the best value for money excursions you could partake in China.” 

The Great Wall

Day 1    Beijing/Great Wall



Depart from your hotel in Beijing for the Ming Tombs, final resting place of 13 Emporers. Two stops are made to give you a complete experience.Walk the Spirit Way and descend into the underground Ding Tomb.

After a Chinese style lunch arrive in Jinshanling village at the base of the Great Wall. Go for a sunset view hike up on the Great Wall.

Dinner is in Jinshanling village at the base of the wall. A wide assortment of fresh Chinese dishes. If it’s not enough tell your guide and more we be ordered! Dinner also includes free flow of soft drinks, bottled water, local beer and tea.

After dinner your guide will take you back up to the watchtower on the Great Wall where you will spend the night. This is a 15 minute walk. Flashlights are supplied. If you have other bags they will be locked in the vehicle for the night. Take what you need for the walk on the Wall in the morning because you will you will not go back down to Jinshanling before walking on the wall.

As the Great Wall is a World Heritage Site there is no development allowed. Accommodation is similar to camping. Sleeping mats, sleeping bags, flashlights, food and drinks are all provided. You may sleep inside the watchtower or under the stars on the Wall. There is no electricity, running water or toilets. There are public toilets in Jinshanling, otherwise be prepared to commune with nature.

Optionally you may stay in the courtyard style hotel (extra charge applies). Private bathrooms are available.

Day 2    Great Wall/Beijing 

Wake up and enjoy breakfast on the Great Wall as the sun rises over your panoramic view. The morning light can produce amazing photographs. Breakfast is western, including German muesli, fruit, milk and other drinks. No cooking is allowed on the wall so sorry, no hot breakfast! At this time of day there are usually no other tourists on the wall. You have it all to yourself.

After breakfast embark on a 3 to 5 hour walk with fantastic scenery along restored and un-restored sections of the Wall, accompanied by your guide. The hike is of medium difficulty, with ups and downs and some loose rocks. Two bottles of water are provided for you to carry with you as well as some snacks. If you prefer not to hike you may choose to ride the bus. Any bags left on the bus overnight will remain on the bus.

After a Chinese style lunch, including drinks, drive back to Beijing. Stop at the Olympic Swim Center (Water Cube) and the Stadium (Bird’s Nest) so you can catch a glimpse of these architectural wonders and take photographs.

Drop off at your hotel will be later in the afternoon.

This itinerary can be combined with other touring arrangements in Beijing or elsewhere in China.

For enquiries, contact us here.

Escape to Warm Waters in Fiji!

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From my past experience of studying in a cold Nordic country, I know the pain you’ve been through every winter and the joy you must have when you can swim and dive into warm waters and get overwhelmed with tears because you are wrapped in the fantastic sunshine in Southeast Asia! What is better than to relax and chill on board, enjoy friends and nice cuisines, and have total freedom to wander off in exotic places when you reach the ports? Join us to cruise this summer, and in the royal way too! Concorde Travel proudly presents four summer Royal Caribbeans International cruise trips that will take you to Sanya, Vietnam, Japan, Shanghai, Taiwan and Korea. Excited? I think so. Set some time off in June and July and pamper yourself on a 4-star-vessel.

Legend of The Seas

Our summer cruises

Not everyone has tasted the sweetness of cruise travel like our company’s cruise specialist Sue Davis did. Here she is happy to tell you a personal story about the glamor and joy for cruise travel:

My favourite cruise destination is without doubt, The Mediterranean – so much choice, so much culture and the ability to have a different experience no matter how many times you visit. My most enjoyable cruise was spent in the French Riviera onboard the superbly splendid Sea Dream. The ship was docked in Monte Carlo and my jet set adventure started when my friend drove me to the port via the casino in his very fast, very black TVR. That was the start of a wonderful week of luxury – personal but unobtrusive service, beautifully appointed cabins, excellent dining, and as much champagne as I could drink. I hope they’ll invite me back again soon.”

So, a room with a view is nice, but what if the view is the timelessly gorgeous beauty of the Mediterranean? Imagine yourself self-willingly climb out of bed in early morning just to capture the first sunbeam shone on it. Imagine holding a finished absorbing novel on the deck as the sun sets or simply holding hands :). Everything is possible!


  • For inquiries about 2011 summer cruise tours, get in touch with Sue here.
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  • Coming up next week, we will post an article about cruising in ANTARCTICA! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to make sure you get it. Very exciting Aurora Expeditions that are adventure focused, offered by one of the oldest Antarctica operators and they offer DIVING, kayaking and mountain climbing IN ANTARCTICA. Incredible!!

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