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WAT another-worldly experience! Cambodia: Compelling Pictures

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Cambodia has always held a unique position in my heart, it represents life long friendships, spirituality and who can ignore the radiant beauty of its people who’s got amazing resilience weathering through stormy pasts? What can be seen in today’s Cambodia are pure gems in human history about surviving and hope. Follow my telescope and let us zoom in to view what it’s like in today’s Cambodia. Tuk tuk drivers chilling outside the coffee shops dotting the French style boulevards , suddenly all swarm in at the sight of you, pressing to ask ‘hello lady/sir, where you going? Need a tuk tuk?’ The experience in Cambodia is phenomenal, you need to push through the common hypes like the very dramatic and ubiquitous Cambodian music videos and the sometimes-you-wish-it-was-less-popular Cambodian karaoke that goes with it, in order to reach the pot of Wats on the other side of the rainbow. But there is a relaxing way to travel in Cambodia, and the option to take a regional tour to better compare and understand Southeast Asian countries’ cultures as a whole.

Take a look at the three Cambodian tours we offer: “Classic Cambodia 5 Days“, “THAILAND – BANGKOK – World Heritage Sites of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia 10 days”,MINERVA – Kingdoms of South East Asia – 20 nights“. All tours include excellent local guides and the finest accommodation and can be tailor made in order to suit your own needs. Request a brochure and send your inquiries here.

We’re pleased to deliver yet another feast to the eyes, all these wonderful compelling pictures below are kindly submitted by world traveler Janine Holzapfel from Germany, a traveler that has earned the writer’s great respect by her attention and care to the poor of the countries she has been. Cambodia is still a developing country that needs its economy strengthened and tourists can help by generous spending and volunteering on this land where giving is everything on its way to heal.

Can you see Cambodias future?

A moment for reflection

A moment for reflection

Its all emcompassing past

Its all emcompassing past

Day and Night

Day and Night

Day and Night

Day and Night

Our company has just received a testimonial from 2 American travelers who had taken  a 24 days trip with us to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Here in Concorde, we are pleased when our customers are pleased!

Testimonial For Our SE Asia Tour

Send us an inquiry about our specially tailor-made all-inclusive packages or leave us a comment below!

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